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Ornitho… what?

After my little problem in the desert, I tried to take it easy and avoid remote desert area. So, back on regular tourist drives. Apres mon petit incident dans le désert, j’ai essaye… Lire la suite


I was exploring a Welford National Park, desert, dry, south west of Queensland, when my car met a pool of mud, got stuck. After trying to dig around the tyres with my hands… Lire la suite

Queensland Outback

During my trek in the Whitsundays, I was told about a job opportunity in Townsville. So, I drove back there. Once that was done, I noticed the nature a bit different around Townsville.… Lire la suite

Wet tropics

Cape tribulation, part of Daintree National Park, is one of the last easily accessible touristic spot in north of Australia. Cape tribulation fait parti du parc national de Daintree forest et constitue l’un des… Lire la suite


From Brisbane to Cairns, I drove: no tourist stop, just fuel and a bit of sleep. I wanted to be the northern as possible before the wet season and then take my time… Lire la suite


Les Australiens aiment donner un petit diminutif affectueux à un peu tout. L’île de Stradbroke ne fait pas exception est se fait donc appeler « Straddie ». Du coup, ça m’a plus et j’ai voulu… Lire la suite